Frequently Asked Questions

When will the retreat begin and end?

The retreat will begin at the group dinner on October 12, 2019 and end with breakfast on October 19, 2019.

Which Airport should I fly into?

International flights should arrive and depart from Keflavik airport in Reykjavik, Iceland. You will then need to purchase a short 45 minute flight from Keflavik airport to Akureyri airport.

Do I need a passport and/or visa?

Yes, you will need a valid passport to travel to and from Iceland from another country. Wether you need a visa depends. As of now, individuals with a U.S. passport do not require a visa. 

How cold does it get?

Thanks to the gulf stream, Iceland isn't as cold as it sounds. Temperatures are moderate year-round. In the fall, temperatures can range from 40 to 60 degrees.

What is the food like?

The food in Iceland is abundant and delicious. The cafe where we'll have most of our lunches and dinners typically offers two fresh soups, fresh breads, a salad bar and hot entrees at every meal. Locally grown potatoes, fresh-caught white fish, and the famous Icelandic lamb rotate on the menu as well. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

Icelandic fares take pride in their connection to the land, and many of the dishes that guests enjoy are made with locally grown, farm-to-table ingredients. Iceland has amazing greenhouses, so you'll be pleasantly surprised at the variety and quality of the food. Akureyri is also home to several cafes, coffee houses, juice bars, wine bards, and several more formal restaurants for a special night on the town.

What are the accommodations like?

You choose between shared apartments or a hotel room. Photos of the apartments are below. For photos of the hotel option, click here.

The shared apartments are some of the nicest in Akureyri. They feature modern design, central temperature control, comfortable beds with down comforters, full kitchens and common living areas, and natural, pristine drinking water straight out of the tap.  Piping hot water for the showers and Jacuzzi’s is tapped from below, heated by the earth itself. An array of common breakfast items, fruit, coffee and selection of teas are also provided. The apartments are just a 10-12 minute walk to the town center, where we’ll have many of our meals together.  

What is Iceland culture like?

Uniquely situated on a mid-oceanic ridge, the geology of Iceland known as “the land of fire and ice.” It is home to several volcanos and glaciers which have, over time, carved an epic landscape unlike any other in the world. Breathtaking mountains, dramatic waterfalls, turf homes, rolling farms and hills, natural geothermic springs, local wildlife, and of course the Northern Lights await discovery.

Just as unique are the Icelandic people, who proudly share a deep connection to the land, their native language, and traditional folklore. On our tours led by knowledgeable, local guides dedicated to preserving the wonder and integrity of the island, you will get the insider’s view of geological formations, Icelandic history, secret waterfalls, and legends of trolls and elves that inhabit this storied land.

The main square of Akureyri is home to several locally owned shops selling outdoor gear, garments made of Icelandic wool, an artisan co-op, clothing shops, and bookstores. It is also home to a number of bars and clubs featuring live local music. The capital city of Reykjavic is both welcoming and cosmopolitan, and home to some stunning architecture, artist workshops, fine dining, and nightlife.