Serena and Carrie invite you to a journey
inspired by friendship, abundance & the
transformative longings of the heart.

Bali beckons you to engage all your senses, immerse yourself in rituals of renewal, and return home with the riches of your experience. With yoga practices along the way, the rhythm of this journey offers spacious time for adventures, stillness, and spontaneous surprises.

Your journey starts with your own imagination. . .

. . . picture yourself in these spaces . . . .


4 nights among the rice fields in a peaceful village near Ubud

Your arrival in Bali takes you through the bustling roads of Indonesian towns and up to a small and welcoming hillside village. This space will be our home base, and it offers a tranquil and sensual beginning to your journey. You'll get to wander through the village market, ride a bike through rice fields, take in the spirit and rituals of local temples, and eat the most delicious food as you look out upon lush valleys. You'll take day trips into Ubud, where art, dance, and shops abound. You'll get to go on an early morning hike up Mount Batur, one of Bali's active volcanoes---or sleep in and enjoy a morning at the resort's spa. Simply follow your heart, and enjoy falling in love with Bali.

3 nights at a serene beach village

In Bali, entire communities travel to the ocean for special rituals of cleansing and renewal. In that spirit, the next part of your journey takes you to the edge of the island. Your senses will be heightened by the spaciousness of the sea, and your yoga practices will be infused with breezes that carry the coolness of the Bali Sea. If you like, you can visit the local morning food market and learn how to make some of Bali's most delicious dishes. From our resort's garden, you can pick fresh ingredients for jamu (a yummy energizing turmeric drink). There will also be plenty of time for adventures of your own choice: like snorkeling, diving, or taking a ferry ride to remote islands.


3 nights in Ubud, Bali's artistic hub

The pulse of Bali will take you from the quiet ocean to the energetic and art-abounding town of Ubud. You will have visited here before, and you'll enjoy walking along familiar streets and exploring new ones. Ubud is the perfect place to steep in the fullness and richness of your journey. You will stay at a beautiful space in the middle of the town, where you can walk to night-time cafes, attend another dance, and sip lemongrass fizz. You can enjoy finding sweet treasures, textiles, baskets, statues, and more at the many unique shops that fill this town. With free time and farewell practices, the vitality of Ubud will infuse your farewell to Bali. And the spirit of Bali will carry you all the way home.

What happens when two friends want to take more friends to Bali? Only good things, of course!

Carrie and Serena in Bali, 2015

Carrie and Serena in Bali, 2015

a bit about us

It's hard to know exactly when the inkling for our first Bali trip was planted, but its first sprouts showed up when we took long walks in the mountains of western North Carolina. Life had its own ways of nurturing this seedling. In 2015, it blossomed and we traveled to the island with a beautiful group of full-hearted folks. During that journey, we kept saying to new Balinese friends, "We'll be back in three years!" For awhile, we weren't sure if that would happen---but then the magic showed up again, and viola! Here we go!  We are thrilled to offer this trip back to Bali, where we will all create new experiences and sweet friendships near and afar.